How to Find Funding for an Amazing Field Period® Away from Home

Don't let the potential cost of a cool Field Period® idea crush your dreams.

So you've read all about Keuka College's signature Field Period® program and have come up with the most epic idea ever. Or maybe you're interested in a faculty-led trip to Europe, Costa Rica, Asia, or the Dominican Republic. Either way, there's just one problem: you have no idea how you'll afford it.

That's where Field Period® scholarships come in.

Field Period scholarships are not part of the financial aid package you received to come to Keuka College; they're entirely separate. Field Period® is such a transformational part of the Keuka College experience that all of the scholarships available to you were created and funded by alumni and their families, former professors, or businesses that have benefited from the outstanding contributions of Keuka College students. 

Here are some of the scholarship programs available:

Judith Oliver Brown '63 Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created to enable students like you to pursue culturally-oriented Field Period® experiences (often, but not always, an experience abroad). The scholarship was created to honor the memory of Judith Oliver Brown '63 by her family and friends, and cash awards range from $1,500 - $2,000 per student. Recipients may use scholarship funds for any costs associated with Field Period® (e.g., travel expenses, materials, meals, lodging).

Need-Based Field Period® Scholarships

Need-based Field Period® scholarships are available to students who have a demonstrated financial need. These scholarships are only available for Field Period® experiences inside the United States, and there is no deadline to apply. 

  • Michael Weiss Field Period® Scholarship
  • Margaret Neville Sand '53 and Barbara Neville Malatesta '56 Experiential Education Scholarship
  • Dr. Edith Louise Estey '33 Memorial Field Period® Scholarship
  • Class of 1946 Field Period® Scholarship
  • Class of 1952 Field Period® Scholarship

Spiritual Exploration Field Period® Scholarship

A Spiritual Exploration Field Period® is an experience that helps nurture your faith or spiritual side, challenging you to either to work in an overtly spiritual or religious organization (e.g., churches, church camps, religious charities and so forth), or in another organization if you clearly demonstrates that the experience will engage your own spiritual beliefs in a demonstrable and clear way.

Scholarships up to $2,000 per student are available to offset the cost of your Field Period® experience. Funds are provided primarily by donations from area churches.

Magnusen Scholarship for Summer Scientific Research Field Period® Experiences

The Dr. Joan Magnusen Scholarship for summer immersive scientific research Field Period® experiences provides support to a student majoring in the natural sciences. The purpose is to enable students to undertake immersive scientific research experiences and honor the career and learning philosophy of Professor Emerita of Biology Dr. Joan Magnusen, a member of the Keuka College academic faculty from 1982-2016.

Konica Minolta Scholarship for Graphic Arts and Print-Related Field Period Experiences

Konica Minolta is a leader in information management focused on enterprise content, technology optimization and cloud services. In support of academic excellence, Konica Minolta provided the College a gift of $30,000 to be used for internships and Field Period® experiences that promote the advancement of graphic and/or print-related studies. Award amounts will vary based on each recipients’ needs.

Examples of applicable industries include: graphic design, publishing, photography, print media, magazines, newspapers, print production, advertising, marketing, communications, and digital illustration. The scholarship is not limited to any particular major or experience.