Experiential Learning

Learn By Actually Doing

At Keuka College, your experiences outside the classroom are just as important as the ones that happen inside it. Our focus on experiential learning prepares you for jobs that haven't even been created to tackle the problems of the 21st century.

From English, to accounting, to management, criminal justice, social work, and beyond—you have to learn by doing. Experiential learning is more than just your Field Period® trade; opportunities. It's the central focus of your entire experience here at Keuka College. Experiential learning occurs in the classroom, the workplace, the community, your work-study jobs, and through co-curricular activities.

And the final result? You'll graduate as a life-long learner who can readily apply your learning and skills to a continually-changing world, for personal and career growth, and for a better community.

Explore Experiential Learning

Field Period®

At Keuka College, we think you should spend some time in your chosen field before making a life-long career commitment. So, test-drive your career. As a student, you'll conduct a Field Period® experience each year. By the time you graduate, you'll have significant real-world experience in your field—at least 560 hours of it.

Field Period® is an annual, self-designed experience that gives students a chance to explore their interests, and can be an internship, a cultural study in the U.S. or abroad, community service project, artistic endeavor, or spiritual-based exploration. There's no limit to where you can do your Field Period®, whether it’s around the corner at the local day care center, at a Fortune 500 company in a major metropolitan area, or in the national parks of Costa Rica.

Remember: It’s okay to not have your career path set in stone.

The idea that your life should be all mapped out when you’re graduating from high school, or transferring from another college can be intimidating. It’s also outdated. Choosing a major, and subsequently a career, is a huge decision.

After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it first, would you? At Keuka College, you can try something new, learn what you like and don't like, and ultimately, establish a clear direction.

Not only does Field Period® give you a tremendous competitive advantage when it comes time to apply for jobs, or to graduate school, but also, these experiences can reinforce your choice of major, or show you early on that it may be time to explore a new career path. Example: You come to college thinking you’d like to become a teacher. At other schools, you’d take courses during your first two years of training, and then go into a classroom.

At Keuka College, you’ll get in front of a classroom your freshman year—usually within the first four months. And, if you like the experience—great! You can fine-tune your other Field Period™ experiences and internships (such as student teaching) from there. But, if you decide you don’t like it, you can switch to a different program, and still graduate on time.

This applies to all of our majors. Through the power of experiential education and Field Period™, you'll be prepared to lead a successful career. 

More About Field Period

International Field Period®

Do anything. Go anywhere.

Your Field Period® doesn’t always have to connect to your major. International Field Period® experiences offer you an opportunity to travel abroad, and discover a new culture without the time commitment of a traditional study abroad program.

Keuka College students have conducted Field Period® experiences in more than 2,500 locations around the globe.  They have explored the caves of Costa Rica, learned about Buddhism in Bangkok, Thailand, and taught in the Dominican Republic.

Does the idea of planning a 140-hour internship abroad overwhelm you? We’ve got you covered. The Center for Experiential Learning helps each Keuka College student discover Field Period® opportunities, and arrange for accommodations if necessary. This way, you can focus on the world of enriching, exciting, and intellectually challenging experiences, instead of worrying about where you’ll be sleeping each night. 

Hands-On Learning

Your professors will integrate experiential, hands-on learning into the classroom any chance they can. Sometimes, though, a topic is best covered outside of the classroom.

At Keuka College, you won’t be confined to a desk and chair in a lecture hall. Whether it’s your history professor lecturing at the Pantheon in Rome, Italy, or your biology professor taking students on a nature walk across campus to study the nesting habits of local birds, Keuka College’s faculty are experiential learning experts.

While traversing campus, you’re bound to see a class being held by the lake. The view never gets old. We travel off campus too. Professors regularly bring students to research conferences, and encourage their students to join some of the country’s best and brightest at national symposia. 

Career Services

Our Career Services staff is here to help students and alumni. That’s right—even after you graduate. They’ll assist you with writing a compelling resume, mastering a job interview, applying to graduate school, and connecting you with alumni, and professionals in your given field.  

Career Services can also help you choose your major, network with alumni, develop career plans, and discover what types of jobs best fit your personality type. Keuka College is so strong at career identification, exploration, and placement, that a recent survey of the last six graduating classes revealed an average of 97% of recent alumni are either working or in graduate school.

More About Career Services

Community Service

Volunteer your time and talent.

For more than 125 years, giving back has been one of the cornerstones of a Keuka College education. Our students have done everything from helping with 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts, to working with students in our local area on projects for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Habitat for Humanity.  

Our students help people around the world, but also in their local community. More than 250 Keuka College students, staff, and faculty members participated in a coordinated relief effort after major flooding devastated the nearby town of Penn Yan. Our student athletes even gave up their athletics banquet and donated all the food to the local neighbors.

Because we think community service is a great source of experiential learning, we spend countless amounts of time each year on developing new community service opportunities, and integrating community service into our curriculum. Community service projects can even be used to fulfill a Field Period™ credit.

In fact, our community service program is so strong, it’s been recognized by the White House for the past three years. And, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching—one of authorities on college rankings and classifications—has classified us as a community engagement school, thanks to the way our community outreach and partnerships are tied-in to our curriculum.

As you can tell, we like doing things in a non-traditional way. We approach community service with the same attitude—and we’re proud of it! 

More About Community Service

Student Employment

Our student employment program will give you the opportunity to take what you’ve learned in the classroom, and apply it to the real world. Regardless of your academic program or interests, you should be able to find a campus job you’ll enjoy.

We won’t just stick you behind a desk filing papers, either. Help Information Technology run their Mario Kart tournament, or work on our Challenge Course and belay students on the ropes course.

All of our work-study supervisors are trained to integrate learning and work. You’ll encounter this from the very beginning when search for a campus job, submit a resume, and go through the interview process. You'll practice your résumé writing and interview skills your first day here.

More About Student Employment

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