Keuka College Student-Athletes Score Big in the Classroom: See Who Made the List

More than 80 Wolves were named to the Empire 8 President’s List for superb academic performance.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

There was a lot that was new for the Keuka College Department of Athletics last fall, as the Wolves embarked on their first full season on the field in the Empire 8 Conference. But some things never change. Case in point: The College’s student-athletes posted another strong academic semester.

The Empire 8 released its biannual President’s List and the Wolves were well represented. Keuka College placed 84 student-athletes and eight teams on the list – no small feat as students need a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher and teams need to post a cumulative GPA of at least 3.20.
The College has been well-represented on the President’s List since joining the Empire 8 in 2020. That's no surprise: The College led the North Eastern Athletic Conference, its pre-Empire 8 home, in designated Scholar-Athletes in its final four years as a member.
The Women’s Cross Country team posted the best grades in the department: a 3.88 GPA. They tied the Women’s Golf team from St. John Fisher for the best team GPA in the Empire 8. The Women’s Soccer team had a 3.72 GPA and Women’s Basketball finished with a 3.50. Other teams named to the President’s List were Women’s Lacrosse, Softball, Women’s Golf, Women’s Volleyball, and Cheerleading.
Overall, the College’s 279 student-athletes registered a collective 3.19 GPA last fall, with 41 recording a perfect 4.0.

Below are the student-athletes named individually to the President’s List, along with their class year, sport, and major:

Andrew Bishuk, Sophomore, Men’s Lacrosse, Biology: Biomedical
Annaliese Black, Sophomore, Women’s Lacrosse, Occupational Sciences
Emily Bogart, Senior, Women’s Lacrosse, Adolescent Mathematics: Special Education 
Nick Boyle, Senior, Baseball, Psychology 
Patrick Burgio, Senior, Cheerleading, Management 
Trinity Burton, Junior, Women’s Lacrosse, Psychology: Forensics 
Thomas Callery, Junior, Men’s Soccer, Management: Marketing 
Sydney Carr, Sophomore, Women’s Lacrosse, Biology: Biomedical 
Teagan Carter, Freshman, Women’s Soccer, Management: Marketing 
Zach Ciprich, Junior, Baseball, Criminology/Criminal Justice 
Hayden Coakley, Junior, Men’s Lacrosse, Criminology/Criminal Justice 
Isabella Colon, Freshman, Women’s Basketball, Occupational Sciences 
Emily Cook, Junior, Women’s Soccer, Management 
Ryan Crapo, Junior, Esports, Psychology 
Jordan Davis, Junior, Esports, Esports Management 
Katherine Deatherage, Freshman, Women’s Basketball, Nursing 
Grace DeCapua, Sophomore, Women’s Soccer, Adolescent English/Special Education 
Leah DeMauro, Freshman, Esports, American Sign Language: English Interpretation 
Anna Dewispelaere, Freshman, Women’s Soccer, Occupational Sciences 
Ethan Drinon, Freshman, Baseball, Accounting 
Dayna Edholm, Sophomore, Women’s Volleyball, Management: Entrepreneurship 
Mathew Emmons, Junior, Esports, American Sign Language: English Interpretation 
Ryan Fernaays, Sophomore, Men’s Soccer, Management 
Olivia Foltarz, Freshman, Cheerleading, Psychology: Forensics 
Bayli Fugle, Graduate, Women’s Cross Country, MS in Occupational Therapy 
Morgan Fuller, Senior, Women’s Soccer, Adolescent Social Studies/Special Education 
Lindsey Garbacz, Freshman, Women’s Soccer, Criminology/Criminal Justice 
Zoe Golden, Senior, Field Hockey, Unified Childhood/Special Education: Family & Child Studies
Lydia Hall, Senior, Women’s Soccer, Biology: Biomedical
Brittney Hallick, Senior, Cheerleading, Child and Family Studies 
Caitlin Hammecker, Sophomore, Women’s Volleyball, Psychology: Forensics 
Bonnie Harrington, Junior, Cheerleading, Adolescent Mathematics: Special Education 
Emily Hemstrought, Freshman, Women’s Cross Country, Biology 
Lauren Hill, Sophomore, Women’s Basketball, Biology: Biomedical 
Emily Hoffman, Senior, Women’s Lacrosse, Communication Studies 
Emily Johnson, Graduate, Women’s Lacrosse, MS in Occupational Therapy 
Josie Kelley, Sophomore, Women’s Cross Country, Occupational Sciences 
Cameron Knapp, Sophomore, Women’s Volleyball, Occupational Sciences 
Caleb Knowles, Freshman, Men’s Soccer, Health Science 
Larry Kroon, Sophomore, Men’s Soccer, Criminology/Criminal Justice 
Jenna LaMere, Sophomore, Women’s Basketball, Unified Childhood/Special Education: Family & Child Studies 
Caitlin Loving, Senior, Women’s Lacrosse, Management: Sports Management & Marketing 

Mark Mack, Senior, Esports, Art & Design 
Gabrielle Major, Senior, Women’s Lacrosse, Nursing 
Megan Makowski, Senior, Field Hockey, Art & Design 
Maegan Martinkovic, Sophomore, Cheerleading, Psychology 
Kennedy McCoy, Sophomore, Women’s Cross Country, Unified Childhood/ Special Education: Family & Child Studies 
Isaac McIlroy, Sophomore, Men’s Basketball, Psychology: Forensics 
Benjamin McKeown, Graduate, Men’s Soccer, MS in Management 
Jenna McNulty, Freshman, Women’s Soccer, Management: Marketing 
Kelsey Mohl, Junior, Softball, Criminology/Criminal Justice 
Lillian Mueller, Senior, Women’s Volleyball, Management: Human Resource Management 
Shaun Murphy, Junior, Men’s Lacrosse, Management 
Samuel O'Neil, Freshman, Baseball, Biology 
Elena Paolini, Junior, Women’s Soccer, Nursing 
Sarah Paradiso, Freshman, Women’s Volleyball, Adolescent Social Studies/Special Education
Jessica Pegg, Senior, Women’s Soccer, Psychology 
Shauna Pimm, Sophomore, Softball, Occupational Sciences 
Amelia Poole, Senior, Women’s Basketball, Unified Childhood/Special Education: Family & Child Studies 
Ezeke Pulliam, Freshman, Men’s Basketball, Exploratory 
Jacob Purdy, Senior, Esports, Art & Design: Digital Graphic Design 
Emily Reynolds, Senior, Field Hockey, Management 
Ian Rickard, Sophomore, Men’s Lacrosse, Biology
Devyn Scheidt, Freshman, Baseball, Management 
Marissa Schmitz, Freshman, Women’s Lacrosse, Occupational Sciences 
Isaiah Simpson, Sophomore, Men’s Lacrosse, Biology: Biomedical 
Zachary Smith, Sophomore, Men’s Soccer, Marketing 
Seth Spurgeon, Senior, Men’s Soccer and Men’s Lacrosse, Mathematics 
Emily Stallone, Senior, Field Hockey, American Sign Language: English Interpretation 
Elisa Swinehart, Senior, Cheerleading, Child and Family Studies 
Brad Talsania, Freshman, Men’s Soccer, Applied Mathematics and Finance 
Will Tehan, Freshman, Men’s Basketball, Accounting 
Owen Thorpe, Freshman, Men’s Soccer, Management 
Quinn Toomey, Freshman, Baseball, Applied Mathematics 
Lauren Tyler, Graduate, Women’s Cross Country, MS in Occupational Therapy 
Matt Vaccaro, Sophomore, Baseball, Accounting 
Hope Van Duyne, Junior, Women’s Cross Country, Nursing 
Renee Vito, Senior, Women’s Soccer, Occupational Sciences 
Patrick Walsh, Freshman, Baseball, Marketing 
Cassidy Walsh, Junior, Women’s Soccer, Unified Childhood/Special Education: Family & Child Studies 
Carl Witherel, Freshman, Men’s Lacrosse, Criminology/Criminal Justice 
Grace Wolf, Senior, Women’s Soccer, Unified Childhood/Special Education 
Delaney Yorks, Senior, Women’s Volleyball, Biology: Biomedical 
Ty Zepp, Freshman, Esports, Adolescent Social Studies/Special Education