Sarah Martinez ’21 Demonstrates Leadership

Sarah has been nominated for Keuka College’s Student Employee of the Year award.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
1 min. read

Assistant Director of the Imaging Center Christine Deane has only been at Keuka College for about six months, but she has noticed what a huge role Sarah Martinez ’21 plays at the Digital Imaging and Mail Center.

That’s why Christine nominated Sarah, a social work major from Monroe Township, Pa., for Keuka College’s Student Employee of the Year award. The award honors and recognizes student-employees for their hard work and contributions.

“Sarah has impacted the mailroom and print center in a very positive way,” says Christine. “Her professional attitude, willingness to work hard, and drive to complete tasks are assets to the department, and make others keep on task—which in turn gets jobs done more efficiently.”

And efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to keeping track of incoming and outgoing mail and packages.

“Our work-study students are expected to show up in a timely manner, as it is imperative in order to get jobs completed on time,” says Christine. “They are required to process all incoming mail and currier packages into a system where they are tracked. All postal mail must be sorted and distributed to correct departments, and interoffice mail is delivered by student workers to various departments. Interoffice mail is then returned to this department where it is sorted once again.”

Sarah, and other student-workers, also run the mailroom’s pick-up window, where students receive packages. She is responsible for applying correct postagetooutgoingmail,andmustknow all the postage regulations for adding accurate postage to different sizeparcels.

In addition, Sarah is responsible for assisting in the imaging center when needed.

“Any in-house print job requires extra help with sorting, cutting, and moving of paper in and out of various machines,” says Christine. “We generally expect the work-study workers to be ready for a multitude of jobs varying from day to day.”

Christine says she has no worries when it comes to Sarah’s enthusiasm to help on any project.

“She has a willingness to learn new standards and takes initiative when given the chance to determine what needs to be done on her own,” says Christine. “Sarah has learned and improved on meeting standards of performance and quality, and she has gained confidence in her skills and program knowledge.” 

Christine says Sarah shares her skills and knowledge with other work-study students in a collaborative leadership style.

“She has guided other student workers with her knowledge of the mailroom and processes here in this department,” says Christine. “Sarah is always timely and has a ‘can do’ positive attitude. She is very responsible, reliable, and willing to do whatever is asked of her, and she enjoys being part of the team.”