At Keuka College

Student Living

Special Interest Housing (SIH)

Special Interest Housing (SIH) is a new residential option for undergraduate students at Keuka College. Residents can participate in SIH programs as floor members, or as associate members. SIH is open to residents of all class statuses and buildings.

SIH options have been designated in Space (devoted to recreation), Davis (devoted to creative arts, as well as multicultural and international), and Harrington (devoted to health and human services) halls. SIH residents share common interests and seek to integrate these interests with their on-campus living experience.
They will participate in specially designed and intentional programs, guest speakers, activities, and discussions related to the Special Interest Housing themes.

Living Learning Communities

Keuka College’s Living Learning Communities (LLC) allow you to live and take classes with other first-year students who share your personal interests, passions, or intended academic major. Imagine going to class with the same people you live with, socializing and exploring your interests with the same faculty and students in your classes, and gaining access to experts, mentors, and peers who share your desire to learn, grow, and experience all that Keuka College has to offer.
When you reside in an LLC, you enjoy all the same amenities as other residential students, yet benefit from a unique, community-oriented living experience that bridges the academic, social and residential worlds. You'll have a direct connection to your classroom experience, access to special events and programs, and dedicated staff members who work to make the community a success. 
In fact, research shows that students who participate in an LLC have a higher academic success rate, higher college graduation rates, higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience, and an easier time connecting with their peers. 
With five different LLCs to choose from, you’ll find one that matches your interests.