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How will student mail be delivered?

Students will receive an email from the College once a package or piece of mail has arrived and is ready for pickup. Students will retrieve mail from Room 115 in Strong Hall (on the first floor, the first door on the left after entering) between noon and 4:30 p.m. Please wear a facemask, respect social distancing rules, and have College ID ready to scan into the system. Please remember, a full name must be on the package in order to process. Please call (315) 279-5466 with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: All incoming packages or mail for students should be addressed to 141 Central Ave., Keuka Park, NY 14478.

How do I sign up for the payment plan?

Keuka College partners with Nelnet Campus Commerce for payment-plan processing. There are a variety of plans from which to choose. Contact the Office of Student Accounts at (315) 279-5237 for information regarding payment-plan options, or call Nelnet Campus Commerce at (800) 609-8056, or visit their website here.

What if a Keuka College student, employee, or visitor is diagnosed with COVID-19?
  • An individual who screens positive for COVID-19 exposure or symptoms will be immediately sent home, to their residence, or to the designated quarantine or isolation location with instructions or arrangements for health assessment and testing. The support system required for maintaining student health and safety will include delivery of meals, medication, psychosocial supports, and academic/other supports.
  • The College will work to isolate the area(s) of exposure and follow state and federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to clean and disinfect as needed.
  • Contact tracing will be completed in collaboration with the Yates County Department of Health. Confidentiality will be maintained as required by federal and state law and regulations.
  • Close collaboration will be maintained with the Yates County Department of Health, and Keuka College’s Executive Cabinet and Board of Trustees related to decision-making for public health and safety of the campus and the broader campus community.
Are there any coronavirus screening plans in place?


  • Face-to-face health screening will be completed for all employees and students returning to campus.
  • All testing and screening for faculty and staff will be monitored by Human Resources, in collaboration with relevant support functions and resources on and off-campus.
  • Daily self-screening will be completed by all employees of Keuka College, with affirmation of completion tracked by the College.
  • Students will be encouraged to self-monitor and be periodically screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Athletes will engage in testing/screening as required by appropriate governing bodies.
Are there any exceptions for obtaining packages that have been sent to a student? For example, if a family sends a student money?

To retrieve packages from the mailroom, please call (315) 279-5466 to coordinate a curbside pick-up time and location.

How has Coronavirus impacted work-study?

Following Spring Break, only students whose duties were deemed essential continued in their work-study roles (e.g., supporting student remote learning, student health, and safety). Students were contacted by their supervisors if this was the case. Additionally, Congress recently passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) with provisions to support students impacted by the pandemic. We will provide additional information regarding these provisions as soon as it becomes available.

Additional questions or concerns can be emailed to Megan Robinson, Executive Assistant, Enrollment Management & Student Development at

Does this include tutors?

Students who had, need, or served as tutors, or faculty who desire tutors for student support, are encouraged to contact Writing Center Director Catherine Agar at to submit requests or queries. Requests for tutoring can be made online.

What about social distancing?

Social distancing requirements are now incorporated into the Student Code of Conduct, with educational and compliance functions implemented through the Student Life and Community Standards offices. To the maximum extent possible, everyone in the Keuka College community is encouraged to minimize any unnecessary face-to-face meetings. Restrictions and social distancing requirements will be in place for all non-essential gatherings and activities, including informal social congregation.

Why has Keuka College transitioned to distance learning?

A sudden surge of positive coronavirus cases and the need to quarantine students who may have had contact with those infected required the College to discontinue face-to-face instruction. A two-week period of remote learning began on Monday, Oct. 12.

What steps has the College taken to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 reaching or spreading on campus?

The College has taken the following steps to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 on campus:

  • Only “essential” staff are permitted to work on campus until further notice;
  • Ongoing, regular collaboration with community partners, such as Yates County Public Health, the New York State Department of Health, Finger Lakes Health, and the Upstate New York College Collaborative to discuss best practices for COVID-19 identification, monitoring, and containment;
  • Training of the Residence Life Senior Team in COVID-19 screening and providing of First Aid kits including disposable thermometers, masks for ill students, and latex gloves;
  • Sharing of the New York State school-cleaning protocol with the College’s housekeeping team;
  • Enactment of our Infectious Disease Policy in our Health Clinic;
  • Refinement of the College Epidemic Policy to further match our current COVID-19 situation.


Are we still allowed to go for walks/runs outside?

Students who are not quarantining are free to go for walks, participate in scheduled social events (virtual or in-person with all of our standard precautions), and enjoy other activities but must continue to limit gatherings to no more than 10 people and abide by all public-safety rules including masks, social distancing, and frequent hand-washing.

Can students leave campus on the weekends?

While the College recommends students refrain from leaving campus for non-essential reasons, we cannot mandate that students stay on campus over the weekends.

 What does “distance learning” look like?

All on-campus classes will be conducted remotely. Faculty and non-essential staff will work remotely. Alternative arrangements will be made for clinical placements, student teaching, off-campus jobs, and Field Period® placements.

Can students return home during this period?

We have strongly urged students to remain on campus during this period, as is being requested by the New York State Department of Health. Unnecessary travel increases health risks to the people in a student’s immediate family and their broader home community. Please be aware, any students that do leave campus during the distance-learning period may be required to quarantine for 14 days once they return.


If a nursing student is unable to complete clinical hours, how will Coronavirus-related suspensions impact their loans?

As long as a student is enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester his/her loans will be deferred, no payment will be required.

How long may students continue to live on campus?

Students who have been given permission to remain on campus do not need to leave until the end of the semester on May 13. If you would like to move out sooner, please contact We know that there are a number of international students who may not be able to return home at the end of the semester. If this is the case, we will make arrangements for you to remain on campus as long as necessary.