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Why isn't the College offering a prorated, 100% room & board credit for Fall 2020?

Keuka College is a purposely residential campus, meaning that the academic and residential experiences are fully integrated. While we recognize that students and their families equate room & board to their residence hall room and dining plan alone, room & board fees contribute to a student's overall educational experience.

Room & board fees cover the direct and indirect costs of a residence hall room, dining plan, and subsidize the cost of a student's academic experience in the form of salaries for faculty and staff, support services (e.g., writing center, tutoring services, library, network infrastructure), and fixed infrastructure. These services were still available to students during the entire Fall 2020 semester.

Why doesn’t tuition alone cover the cost of education?

Every on-campus Keuka College student receives some form of institutional aid, usually in the form of an academic scholarship. Most of the $19 million awarded in institutional aid each year is funded by the College (i.e., by discounting tuition) and does not come from external sources. 

As such, the cost of a student’s education is not covered through their tuition alone and room & board fees must be used to offset the cost of the high-quality academic experience our students receive.

This subsidy is also the driving reason behind the College's long-standing policy that students who have been given approval to live off-campus must forfeit a percentage of their College-funded scholarship.

How will student mail be delivered?

Students will receive an email from the College once a package or piece of mail has arrived and is ready for pickup. Students will retrieve mail from Room 115 in Strong Hall (on the first floor, the first door on the left after entering) between noon and 4:30 p.m. Please wear a facemask, respect social distancing rules, and have College ID ready to scan into the system. Please remember, a full name must be on the package in order to process. Please call (315) 279-5466 with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: All incoming packages or mail for students should be addressed to 141 Central Ave., Keuka Park, NY 14478.

How will a student who does not return to the College in Spring 2021 receive a credit?

Credits will remain available for a student to use up to, and including, the Spring 2023 semester. Credits may be transferred from a student's account to a sibling's account at any time during that period. Those who wish to do so should contact the Office of Students Accounts at [email protected] 

Credits may be used toward full-time matriculation expenses (e.g., tuition, room, board, and fees) or may be used for part-time face-to-face or online class enrollment. Students who transfer to another institution may wish to redeem their credit by taking transferable, online general education classes at Keuka College between the January 2021 term and the conclusion of the Spring 2023 semester. 

Cash refunds will not be returned to students who leave the College of their own volition or who are forced to do so as a result of disciplinary sanctions. 

Students who have withdrawn but wish to enroll in an online course to make use of their credit should contact [email protected] for further information.

How do I sign up for the payment plan?

Keuka College partners with Nelnet Campus Commerce for payment-plan processing. There are a variety of plans from which to choose. Contact the Office of Student Accounts at (315) 279-5237 for information regarding payment-plan options, or call Nelnet Campus Commerce at (800) 609-8056, or visit their website here.

How was the Fall 2020 room & board credit calculated?

Students who participated in the room & board plan for the Fall 2020 semester will receive a 50% credit of their room & board costs from their last date on campus through the end of the semester. 

How have Field Period® opportunities been affected?

We have developed new, flexible alternatives for students to complete Field Period® requirements: 

  • Traditional, on-site Field Period® placements;
  • Virtual placements with an outside company or organization where the experience and interactions take place online;
  • Project-based self-development/self-learning Field Periods®, in which the student designs their own opportunity independently.
  • For information on all three, visit this website.
Are there any coronavirus screening plans in place?


  • Visitors and guests are not allowed during the pandemic unless their presence aligns with the educational or operational mission of the College. Any visitors and guests must be screened at the Office of Campus Safety upon arrival to campus.
  • Employees are required to complete an electronic Health Screening Process each day and will be subject to random surveillance testing. 
  • All students are required to complete an electronic Health Screening Process each day and will be subject to random surveillance testing.
  • Student-athletes will have additional monitoring and testing requirements. They are required to have their temperature taken upon arrival at the JMW Recreation and Athletic Center each day and/or in conjunction with athletic events. Student-athletes will be subject to additional COVID testing. 
Can I take classes entirely online during the Spring 2021 semester?

Keuka College is a residential college and being on campus is part of the overall educational experience. In general, we are not providing release from residential requirements because of the pandemic. We do not and cannot guarantee all online or all face-to-face courses for our students. While a mixture of course distributions may happen, we are planning for a residential experience that will have a mixture of modalities (f2f, hybrid, and online) in order to meet safety needs. If a student has concerns about the distribution of their courses, they can speak to their academic adviser to see if any schedule or course changes can be made.

Can students leave campus on the weekends?

While the College recommends students refrain from leaving campus for non-essential reasons, we cannot mandate that students stay on campus over the weekends.

Are there any exceptions for obtaining packages that have been sent to a student? For example, if a family sends a student money?

To retrieve packages from the mailroom, please call (315) 279-5466 to coordinate a curbside pick-up time and location.

How many positive cases can be handled before you go to remote learning? 

State guidelines require colleges to convert to remote instruction if they surpass confirmed cases of either 100 or – more specifically in our case – 5% of our entire on-campus population, roughly 70 cases for Keuka College.

COVID test results can take days to return. How can I time my test so that I can get it done within three days of returning?

The best way is to schedule an antigen (rapid) test, they you’ll be able to get the results the same day. The three-day testing period is a best practice recommended by New York State and will be adopted by most, if not all, colleges and universities across the state. Primary care providers and local health agencies are aware of this, and the expectation from the State is that the rapid tests will be available. If only a PCR test is available (which can take a couple days to process), you’ll need to check ahead for the notification lag in your particular community and/or with your particular test provider and plan the timing of their test accordingly.

Will there be any other new policies or practices to be aware of?

The College’s Reopening Taskforce has revised its Reopening Plan with greater emphasis on monitoring student actions and punitive responses regarding student conduct.  

What about public access to the campus?
  • Campus visitors are not allowed during the pandemic unless their presence aligns with the educational or operational mission of the College. 
  • All approved campus visitors must first report to the Office of Campus Safety and are subject to the Health Screening Process.
  • The Campus will be closed to the general public for walking, using the Library, or any purpose other than by invitation for official business.
  • Students may not have off-campus guests, including family members, in their residence halls.