VPN Policy


A Virtual Private network or VPN establishes a secure connection between two trusted locations (your computer and the Keuka College network) via an insecure public network (the Internet).  The VPN allows users at remote locations to access services and applications available only on the Keuka College network.  By accessing the College’s network through a VPN, the user bypasses security measures designed to protect the network from viruses, hackers, and other threats on the Internet.  The purpose of this Supporting Policy is to provide guidelines for VPN access to the Keuka college network.  The VPN provides secure access to the most sensitive resources on the College network.  It is necessary to ensure that users understand the requirements and responsibilities of VPN access, to include accepting the responsibility of assuring that the computer the will use is secure.


This Supporting Policy applies to all Keuka College (or the “College”) community members and Users, as defined in the Colleges’ Acceptable Use Policy, that access the Keuka College network through the College’s VPN.  


Anyone wishing to gain VPN access must signify compliance with this policy by completing and signing the VPN User Agreeent. 

Hardware and Software Requirements

  1. Your computer must be clean of viruses and spyware and have approved up-to-date antivirus
  2. Your computer must be up-to-date on all critical security patches

  3. Your computer must have a personal firewall enabled except where alternate security measures have been approved by the Information Technology department

  4. You must use a VPN client supplied by the College’s Information Technology department

  5. The VPN should be connected from a relatively fast computer and a

  6. Theft or loss of any computer with a VPN client configured on it must be reported immediately to the Information Technology department


3.1 Hardware and Software Requirements

3.1.1 The installation and use of a VPN client may only be completed from a College owned computer running the Information Technology authorized VPN client.

1. Appropriate Use

  1. The VPN may be used only for official, college related work.  You must disconnect the VPN before attempting any non-college related activities from your computer
  2. It is the responsibility of employees with VPN privileges to ensure that the unauthorized users are not allowed access to the Keuka College internal network

  3. Use of the VPN signifies your acceptance of and compliance with all other related Keuka College Information Technology policies.

  4. Split tunneling is NOT permitted.  That is, you may not use any other connection o any other network while the VPN is connected.  All network traffic must pass through the VPN

  5. VPN users will be permitted one active VPN connection

  6. VPN users will automatically be disconnected from the Keuka College network after 30 minutes of inactivity or a total connection time of 8 hours.  The user must then logon again to reconnect to the network.  Pings or other artificial network processes are not to be used to keep the connection open

  7. Access to the VPN can be revoked at any time for failure to abide by the VPN User Agreement.


There are no exceptions to this Supporting Policy


Keuka College, Information Security Policy

Subject to change without notice – Click here for current updates

Last Revised 4/30/2019 – AHC