About the Campaign

The world has changed significantly over the past 125 years. Keuka College has adapted so that our graduates are able to meet the unmet needs of their communities, their countries, and the world. 

Yet in this world of constant change, Keuka College’s guiding principles, and the values instilled in our alumni, remain unaltered. For more than 125 years, our alumni have healed the sick, started businesses that create jobs, fought for those unable to fight for themselves, protected communities, and taught children from each and every walk of life. 

Small, private liberal arts institutions like Keuka College are disappearing every day.

As a result, large research institutions are getting even larger. And while those universities do a lot of good, they’re not the right place for every student. Each of us knows someone who would get lost in a crowd of thousands—a person who would thrive at a place like Keuka College.

Like many higher education institutions, Keuka College is almost entirely tuition dependent, which means almost every dollar we earn from students goes directly to teaching and learning. As a result, very little is left for upgrading facilities and supporting new programs.

In order to attract today’s students, we must ensure that our facilities are in line with those found at our peer institutions. Buildings—and the resources inside of them—are a significant part of a student’s decision to choose and stay at a college. We can’t afford to lose students because our two student life buildings were built in the 1970s.

We also need to revolutionize our curriculum by infusing digital thinking throughout every program. When we combine this level of digital learning with Field Period®, it’s an unbeatable combination that prepares students to serve in careers that this fast-changing world hasn’t even thought of yet.

Most importantly, we need to remain true to our core: Keuka College will remain an affordable choice for students with incredible potential who primarily come from working-class backgrounds.

We’ve embarked on an incredible transformation with our very future at stake. But we’re not worried. Each time the world has evolved, so have we.

Keuka College—the largest economic engine in Yates County, one of the poorest counties in New York state—must yet again reinvent itself to continue this legacy.

The world needs Keuka College to be here for the next 125 years.