Title III

Strengthening Institutions Project at Keuka College

Project Title: Barrier Reduction to Accelerate Student Success (BRASS) 

The U.S. Department of Education Strengthening Institutions (SIP) Grant is made possible under the Title III program. The grant supports eligible Institutions to become self-sufficient and broaden their capacity to serve at-risk students by providing funds to improve and strengthen academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability.

In October 2021, Keuka College was awarded a Title III grant to be delivered over a five-year period. The BRASS project at Keuka College will create a support network to promote higher rates of retention, academic performance, and on-time graduation among first-generation and lower-income students. 

Objectives for Target Population: 

  • Increase fall-to-fall persistence rates  
  • Increase academic good standing rates 
  • Increase 4- and 6-year graduation rates  
  • Increase end-of-term GPAs 
  • Increase success in gateway courses 
  • Increase program velocity 

The following activities have been identified to support the objectives: 

Activity #1: Strengthen Onboarding and Transition Support for Low-Income, First-Generation Students

Activity #2: Develop course pathways for every major and integrate advising and scheduling to promote improved program velocity and completion. 

Targeted Activities

Expected Outcomes

Peer Mentoring extended beyond new student orientation and provide on-going mentoring support throughout the first year. Students will build relationships and form a sense of belonging through peer mentoring. Mentors will assist with navigating challenges to increase retention.
Intrusive advising through a momentum advocate to ease transition and encourage use of campus resources to overcome obstacles. Momentum Advocate will assist low-income, first-generation students and provide a sense of belonging and ensure students have the tools needed to ensure success.
Development of co-requisite math lab to improve course success and on-time degree completion. Students enrolled in math courses with a co-requisite lab will have increased course success and on-time graduation rates.
Supplemental Instruction for courses that have historically been barriers or stumbling blocks for student success. Students participating in Supplemental Instruction courses will have increased course success and on-time graduation rates.
Provide professional development opportunities for academic advisors to better serve the target population. The faculty will be better equipped to advise based on the barriers often presented within the target population.
Review and revise current First Year Experience course. Students participating in the course will be retained and equipped with stronger skills for academic success
Create an Interdisciplinary Momentum Task Force. Improved communication and collaboration across academic and student support departments.
Identify course scheduling issues and completion barriers for majors. Improved completion and program velocity for students.
Develop guided program pathways for academic majors. Improved completion and program velocity for students.

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