Michael Smith

Instructor of Criminal Justice

[email protected]


Michael C. Smith graduated high school and joined the United States Air Force as a Security Policeman. He was able to complete his associate degree in criminal justice while on active duty at the University of Great Falls in Montana. His military, law enforcement, career development, and professional educational experience span a total of 48 years. His civilian law enforcement career spanned more than 27 years. He continued his collegiate and professional education while working 12- hour patrol shifts, receiving his bachelor’s degree from Wilmington University in Delaware. Mr. Smith joined patrol operations and rose through the ranks: patrolman. sergeant, captain, officer in charge, before retiring as a chief. He completed his master’s degree in criminal justice at West Chester University while working full time on the street. His past assignments covered a regional County S.W.A.T., DARE, radar, accident reconstruction, physical training, and firearms instructor. Mr. Smith attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, graduating as a member of the 209th session. He is a past-president of the Gloucester County Police Chiefs Association and remains active in the association even after his retirement. He has worked with civilian educators, businesses owners, and law enforcement support organizations to make presentations on behalf of officer awareness, terrorism and bioterrorism, domestic violence, and police/community relations, As chief, he and his administrative staff officers worked on local and regional “large scale” security projects that affected law enforcement funding for critical infrastructure protection resultant and post-911. Mr. Smith attempts to train officers and students to recognize and understand their new role(s) in a society that is changing far more rapidly than anyone can keep pace with … organizationally, professionally, politically, and economically.

Mr. Smith taught as adjunct faculty for more than 18 years before securing his current fulltime instructor position with Keuka College. He teaches introductory law enforcement classes, police leadership and management, organization/operation, principles of criminal investigation, criminology, juvenile delinquency, managing diversity, and multicultural issues in criminal justice to the students in their respective criminal justice programs. He relinquished his certification with the New Jersey State Police Training Commission as an instructor after serving for 32 years (without compensation). He has attended and participated in executive leadership exchange development seminars over several years, visiting London, the Greater Manchester Police, the Garda Academy in Templemore, Ireland, and The Police College in Scotland. Mr. Smith is also a life member of the International Association Chiefs of Police (IACP) and has been a member of the FBI National Academy Associates joining three different chapters: The New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania chapters and, currently, the Eastern Canada and New York chapter. He is dedicated to improving the level of professionalism, ethical and moral commitment, accountability, integrity, dedication, and expertise of those who demand more of themselves, while seeking to improve individual purpose and achieve organizational excellence. Mike remains connected and continues to offer his knowledge and practitioner experience and diverse knowledge to his students at Keuka College.