General Education

At Keuka College, general education is more than just a common set of classes everyone takes.

It's an exciting educational journey that helps build the foundational skills you need for success as a college student and introduce you to new and interesting topics.

During your general education program, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Better understand yourself, your motivations, your fears, and your ambitions
  • Enhance your college-level math skills
  • Develop your ability to write purposefully and effectively for a variety of audiences
  • Gain life-long skills that contribute to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • See the value of, and your role in, communities, societies, and governments
  • Explore and better understand your own culture
  • Learn more about different cultures—past and present—from around the world
  • Experience the physical and natural world through the lens of science and philosophy
  • Journey through history
  • Read some of the greatest stories ever written
  • Study ancient and modern philosophies and see how they're connected to today's world
  • Embrace, develop, and harness the power of your inner creativity
  • Master techniques for solving and investigating problems you encounter in everyday life
  • Enhance your understanding of the digital world in which we live
  • Engage with challenging questions of enduring importance
  • See how all of your college classes and experiences converge together

General Education Mission Statement

To foster global citizenship and cultivate diverse interests, the integrative General Education program at Keuka College inspires exploration and discovery, encourages intellectual risk-taking, develops flexible and digital skills, and builds disciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge.