More than 98 percent of our undergraduate student body receives financial assistance. For many Keuka College students, a college education would be impossible without this contribution. For others, financial aid means more time focusing on their studies and less time working a part-time job to help fund their education. Thanks to donors like you, any student, from any circumstance, who wishes to learn, can do so at Keuka College.

Endow Your Own Scholarship

Your gift will give an untold number of students a chance to make their dreams come true and will have a lasting effect on Keuka College. An investment of at least $50,000—either paid immediately or within five years of signing the agreement—starts an endowed scholarship that honors its chosen namesake forever.

In addition to gifts of cash, stock, or securities, an endowment may be funded through a variety of planned gift vehicles such as bequests, annuity or trust remainders, and life insurance policies.

One-Time Scholarship

A one-time gift (of any size) to be given as a scholarship in the year the gift is made.

Support an Existing Scholarship

Below is a list of all our current endowed and private scholarships. You can make a gift today to support the scholarship fund that means the most to you.

Agnes Pierce Scholarship
Alissa Putnam / Michael Wiley Scholarship
Anne Graham Munson ’68 Memorial Scholarship
Barbara Neuhaus ’50 Scholarship
Barbara Robitsch ’51 Squattrito Memorial Scholarship
Beth Purdy Canuteson ’28 Scholarship
Betty Jane Ackerson Ogg ’46 Scholarship
Beverly Nessel Au ’51 Scholarship
Byron Spence Memorial Scholarship
Charles & Betty Watson Wallis Memorial Scholarship
Christin Johnson Memorial Award
Clarence Joseph Gannon Scholarship
Class of 1928 Scholarship
Class of 1937 Minority Scholarship
Class of 1939 Scholarship
Class of 1946 Field Period Scholarship
Class of 1947 Scholarship
Class of 1951 Endowment
Class of 1952 Memorial Field Period Scholarship
Class of 1953 Living Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1954 Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1955 Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Class of 1967 Signature Field Period® Fund
Commander Barbara Ellen Miller ’56 Scholarship
Davison Family Scholarship
Deb Manahan Golf Classic Scholarship
Dodd/Lyon Scholarship
Don Miller Memorial Scholarship
Donald and Corinne Stork Scholarship
Doris Ackley Mattison ’43 Scholarship
Doris Artley Peck ’43 Scholarship
Doris B. Scott ’50 Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Schrell ’42 Nursing Scholarship
Dorothy Wheeler Krum Scholarship
Dr. Aileen and Dr. F. Marion Lougee Scholarships
Dr. Lydia Gambrell Scholarship
Edith Louise Estey ’33 Memorial Field Period Scholarship
Edith O’Connell Rector ’51 Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth A. Nussey ’78 Nursing Award
Elizabeth Coker ’30 Scholarship
Elizabeth Marshall Gordon ’49 Scholarship
Elizabeth Schiefer ’41 Scholarship
Estey-Judd Memorial Scholarship
Fay Audra Brethen ’55 Scholarship
Florence Eells ’31 Scholarship
Frederic L. Hoyle Scholarship
Friends of the Lightner Library Award
George Alden Trust Scholarship
Harrington Endowment
Imogene Bauer Pais ’38 Scholarship
Imogene Smith ’34 Scholarship
Jerry Richardson Scholarship
John and Audrey Settle Scholarship
Joyce Mandigo ’67 Scholarship
Judge Frederick Dugan Scholarship
Judith Oliver Brown ’63 Memorial Scholarship
Katharine Foote Wilhelm ’67 Scholarship
Katherine Gillette Blyley Scholarship
Katherine Towner King ’37 Scholarship
Keuka Circle Scholarship
Keuka College Alumni Association Scholarship
Keuka College Student Senate Scholarship
Lorraine K. Potter ’68 “Leading the Way First Generation” Scholarship
Louise Stryker Davis ’34 Scholarship
Lucretia Davis Jephson Scholarship
Luella Walker Corbit ’37 Scholarship
Lynn Family Scholarship
Mabel Archbold Scholarship
Marcia Clark Cooley ’28 Award
Margaret C. Pratt ’32 Fellowship
Margaret Neville Sand ’53 and Barbara Neville Malatesta ’56 Scholarship
Marion Goodwin ’30 Scholarship
Marva Davis Mapp ’44 Scholarship
Mary Schleiermacher Scholarship
Mary Simpson Young ’28 Memorial Scholarship
Max Mendel Fezer Scholarship
Michael A. Wiley ’00 Scholarship
Michael Weiss Field Period Scholarship
New York State Federation of Home Bureaus/Yates County Home Bureau Scholarship
Osborn Memorial Scholarship
Panarites Sisters Scholarship
Parkin/Ashforth Scholarship
Penn Yan Keuka Club Award
Presbyterian Women’s Scholarship
President Joseph G. and Professor Diane M. Burke Scholarship
Professor Peter Talty Scholarship
Richard A. Pinneo, Jr. Scholarship
Rosalie & R. William Rose Memorial Scholarship
Ruth L. and Ralph W. Seager Memorial Scholarship
Stuart Komer Family Scholarship
The White Scholarship
Theresa Avallone Petit ’47 Memorial Award
Viola Titus ’49 Scholarship
Virginia Pearson MacKenzie ’34 Memorial Scholarship
Walter O. Vail Scholarship
Wilbur E. and Esther Saunders Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship
Z. A. Space Memorial Scholarship