Let's Get Technical

Let's Get Technical

We get how overwhelming it can be preparing for your first year of college, and that's why we are here to help. While we have computer labs, lounges with televisions, and equipment to loan, you may want to bring some of your own tech gear. 

You might be wondering what tech would be useful, or nice to have? Here's our picks (and things to avoid):

  • Laptop/Computer - work on papers, research and study from the comfort of your room with your laptop. Your academic applications work on both Windows and Mac, so choose whatever you're most comfortable with. However, we would discourage students from purchasing and using Chromebooks as they are limited in what applications you may install, including Microsoft 365 which is provided to all KC Students. 

       Operating System: Windows 10 or Mac OS X (10.14 or higher)*

       Hard Drive: 256GB SSD

       Memory: 16GB RAM Windows/8GB RAM Mac

       Processor: i5 intel (10th gen) Processor, M1 Apple Chip or similar (i.e., AMD)

       *The main operating system on your computer needs to be either Windows or Mac OS X. We cannot guarantee that applications that  Keuka College support will work on other operating systems, such as Linux and ChromeOS.

  • Chargers/Power Cables - Don't forget your phone charger at home (if your phone is dead, how can you follow us on Instagram?)
  • Headphones/Headset - If any of your classes are online, or you meet with your instructors/classmates on Microsoft Teams, we definitely recommend using headphones. Trust us, it's the best experience.
  • TV/Streaming Devices - What's movie night in your room without a TV? Smart TV's and other streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Chromecast can connect to our wireless network. 
  • Gaming Consoles - In case you haven't heard, we are all about gaming at Keuka College. Bring your gaming consoles, and connect to either our wireless or wired network using an ethernet cable. 

Need IT Help? That's Where We Come In.  

We are the IT Service Desk, and we love helping our students. Everything from account access issues, to printing assistance, to wireless connectivity, we've got you covered. We can fix things all day, but don't forget we are also here as a resource to help you with new technology and applications. 

Email us at [email protected], or give us a call at (315) 279-5217 option 3.