About the Library

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Lightner Library was dedicated on May 12, 1973.  The library was named in honor of Quentin T. and Charlotte B. Lightner and in memory of Larry F. Lightner.  Dr. Quentin Lightner served the College with distinction as professor and chaplain from 1948-1969.  Larry Lightner, Quentin’s brother, was a friend and benefactor of Keuka College.

The Lightner Library is the information center of Keuka College.  It provides study space for 400 students and has about 86,000 volumes.  In addition to its print holdings, the Lightner Library provides access to a variety of online resources including databases as well as e-books and e-journals.

Mission Statement

Lightner Library promotes life-long learning for students, faculty, and staff by providing resources and services to meet their information needs.

Vision Statement

Lightner Library will:

  • Be the intellectual center of the Keuka College community where users can access information and connect with each other in an open, positive learning environment
  • Play a pivotal role in information literacy instruction for traditional and non-traditional students
  • Provide services and innovative technologies that will empower students in the 21st century information age

The Library Team

Linda Park, Esq.

Director and Chair of Lightner Library
Associate Professor

Academic Credentials

University at Buffalo
J.D. in Law
University at Buffalo
SUNY College at Buffalo