Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a service that allows you to get materials that we do not own at College.  We will request materials from other libraries for your use.

Who can obtain interlibrary loans?

Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff can request interlibrary loans.

What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is an electronic system for requesting, tracking, and managing interlibrary loans.  You will be able to set up your account in ILLiad and generate your request here.  Make sure you have read and understand the FAQs listed below before requesting interlibrary loan materials:

Interlibrary Loan Login

Interlibrary Loan FAQs

Is there a charge for interlibrary loan?

Usually we are able to obtain material from within a cooperative network of  lenders.  In this case we generally do not charge for the service.  However we discourage you from requesting materials and not picking them up.  To offset processing costs for these unused items, we charge a $5 fee for articles and $10 for books that are not picked up from the library.

What types of material can you obtain through interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan supports the academic requirements of the faculty, staff and students at Keuka College. You can request books, photocopies of articles, dvds, etc. Libraries restrict the the lending of some materials and you may have difficulty obtaining loans of dissertations, newer books, reference books, and audio-visual material.  Note:  Make sure you are not requesting material already owned by the library.  Repeated requests for items in our collection will initiate a block on your Illiad account and you will need to contact the interlibrary loan librarian to review procedures.

How long will it take to get the material?

The length of time to obtain interlibrary loaned material depends on the capability of the lending library. It can take from less than a day to obtain an electronic copy of an article to two or three weeks for a book. Please plan ahead when requesting interlibrary loans to fulfill your assignments.

How do I renew a book?

You can request a renewal by logging into your ILLiad account. Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library.  Make sure you do this before your due date to avoid overdue fees.

Are there overdue fees on interlibrary loan materials?

Materials not returned by the due date are subject to a $3.00 per day fine with a maximum fine of $30 per item

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