Promoting Equality at Keuka College

LGBTQA+ Resource Center

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Ally (LGBTQA+) Resource Center provides an inclusive, safe environment for students of all backgrounds. We create an atmosphere of diversity by putting out educational programs relating to the LGBTQA+ community to spread awareness through the campus community. We provide support to those who are subjected to homophobic acts or discrimination.

Our center provides information about different gender expressions and sexualities, and we provide a space for self-exploration of these identities. We provide resources to anyone who is interested in learning about the LGBTQA community or related issues. Inherent in this mission statement are the values of pride, respect, and dignity to all individuals.

Resource Library

The resource center maintains many resources meant to support students through all aspects of the LGBTQA+ experience, including a list of advocacy organizations that can provide additional support. The center also maintains a library including books, magazine subscriptions, and movies about topics of interest to the LGBTQA+ community.

 The LGBTQA+ Resource Center is a proud sponsor of the Keuka College Annual Diversity Summit.