The Next 125

Keuka College’s first 125 years were marked by innovation, growth, and success.

We begin our next 125 with an unprecedented campaign equal to our vision: Ensuring the future of the College while creating the next generation of leaders. But we can’t educate the next generation with facilities that are generations old. Thus, The Next 125 campaign.

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We've raised $26.08 million of our $30 million goal thanks to the help of more than 3,000 donors, including these recent gifts:


Student Center Renovation

A student center must serve as a hub of cultural and community activity. That’s a tall order for a facility built in the 1970s. A renovated Dahlstrom Student Center will provide a focal point for activities, dining, study, and gathering – all fundamental aspects of the college experience.

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Athletics Center Expansion

The current athletics facility was designed for half as many students as Keuka College serves today. Overcrowded practices, standing room-only events, and scheduling conflicts are no way to attract and retain students. The College needs athletics space designed for 40 years from now, not 40 years ago.

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Norton Chapel, the spiritual center of Keuka College, is falling increasingly into disrepair. Still, it hosts more than 825 events per year, including major occasions like Commencement and Convocation. Renovations will enable the College, which welcomes all forms of religious diversity, to adequately serve that population.

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Digital Learning Center for Excellence

It’s no longer the future; it’s now: College instruction must infuse and integrate digital technologies throughout the curricula. A new Institute for Digital Education and Learning (IDEaL) would do just that, ensuring Keuka College graduates are fully equipped for the workplace demands of today … and tomorrow.

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The annual salary for assistant professors at Keuka College is some $12,000 below the national average. To attract and retain the world-class scholars students deserve, a robust endowment for faculty chairs is crucial. The College’s endowment fund also allows supporters to directly shape and propel educational experiences.

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Keuka Fund

The annual Keuka Fund is an essential source of unrestricted support for the College. It benefits areas including financial aid, institutional facilities, and academic programs. It is the means by which the College can maintain its commitment to affordability. But it is woefully underfunded. With more, we can do more.

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