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About Applied Mathematics at Keuka College

Applied mathematics isn't just about crunching numbers. It's using mathematics to solve problems in the environment of your choice. The applied mathematics minor adapts to a number of purposes and is an excellent choice if your major requires a strong background in numbers.

Applied Mathematics Program Highlights

Solid Foundation

Delving into the world of numbers provides the solid foundation needed for graduate study in engineering, energy systems, natural sciences, medicine, or business.

Real-World Application

A minor in applied mathematics provides you with a practical application of hard math in future areas such as statistics, aerospace, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and business analytics.

A Growing Field

Hoping to work with big data, or write the next machine-learning algorithm? A wide variety of career opportunities is open to people with mathematical talent and training.

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Program Overview

For the mathematical mind, Keuka College offers a minor in applied mathematics that is designed for students who major in a discipline calling for a strong background in numbers. These include biochemistry, biology, medical technology, and environmental science. It also can provide a strong foundation in math for students who are moving on to graduate school in business analytics or the social sciences. Courses include a focus on statistics, calculus, algebra, and probability.

Program Requirements

The Faculty

At Keuka College, you’re able to work with published, world-class scientists and mathematicians every day. Here, your professors are eager to teach, work on research projects with you, and share their knowledge. Professors in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics have been recognized as professors of the year, and many are decade-long veterans of the program.

Faculty in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Digital Literacy

The problems of interest in applied mathematics often require numerical computation for their resolution. A minor in applied mathematics opens doors for a future spent researching quantum computing, developing the next computational algorithm, or using big data to develop a more robust artificial intelligence.

As an applied mathematics student, you’ll use advanced mathematics software such as Maple to integrate theory with applied digital tools.


Chi Beta Phi, the natural science, math, and psychology honor society offers students the opportunity to network with like-minded peers and have their scholarly accomplishments recognized.

Award Opportunities

Judd Prize

Awarded to students for outstanding work in pre-calculus and calculus.

Roy Shortt Award

This is for outstanding work in mathematics by a junior.

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