Keuka College Expands International Portfolio

The University of Economics and Finance (UEF) in Vietnam joins the roster of overseas universities offering joint collaboration partnerships with the College.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Keuka College has added a new program -- and a new partner university -- to its international offerings.

Dean of International Programs-Asia Gary Giss recently announced that the College has formalized a new partnership with the University of Economics and Finance (UEF) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The agreement will see the College’s Bachelor of Science in Management major offered on the UEF campus, located in Vietnam’s largest city.

“Ho Chi Minh City is the economic powerhouse of Vietnam,” said Prof. Giss, the College’s Vietnam-based Associate Professor of Management. “Establishing our Management program at UEF not only benefits our international students, it raises Keuka College’s visibility in the city with the country’s largest population.”

The four-year program, whose first classes begin this fall, will be open to students in Vietnam, the United States (once international travel resumes), and other eligible international students. Students are required to meet the admissions standards of both Keuka College and the UEF.

The UEF partnership is the College’s fourth in Vietnam and second in Ho Chi Minh City. The College also offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Management at the Ho Chi Minh University of Science - International Training and Education Center Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam National University-International School in Hanoi, and Duy Tan University in DaNang.

College President Amy Storey said she stayed in close contact with partner institutions in Vietnam – as well as the College’s network of partners in China – despite pandemic-induced travel restrictions this past year.

“We value our unique and productive partnerships but, just as importantly, the warm friendships we’ve developed,” she said. “So, we were in regular contact this past year. The virtual meetings were a great opportunity to connect with one another, which allowed for open dialogue and strengthening of our relationships.”

Students across the world annually earn Keuka College degrees in both the Keuka China Programs, which began in 2002, and the Keuka Vietnam Programs, which launched in 2010.

“The College’s International Programs are among our most significant initiatives,” said President Storey. “We plan to continue to seek new partnerships and opportunities to expand and enhance this unique program.”

For information on Keuka College’s International Programs or any of the College’s other academic programs, contact the College’s Office of Admissions at (315) 279-5254, email [email protected] or get more information on our website here.