Visual Identity


The official fonts for Keuka College are Raleway (sans-serif) and Public Sans (sans serif), but when these are not available Arial (sans serif) can be used as an alternative. If you’d like to use the official, primary typefaces, you’ll need a license. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for more information about purchasing a license for your area.

Primary Type Faces

Official Font Alternate Font Font Type How Used
Raleway Arial Sans Serif For headings and larger text
Public Sans Arial Sans Serif For body copy. Font size should always be 9 pt or larger. When using small caps, make sure all letters are lowercase.

primary type faces fonts









Specialty Typefaces

Official Font How Used
League Gothic For materials catering to a younger crowd, to create impact or draw attention. It should never be used in body copy and should appear in all caps.
Amithen Used to emphasize certain words and details. Make sure title casing is used. Text should never exceed 30 characters per page.

specialty type faces - league gothic font and Amithen

Color Palette

When speaking about Keuka College’s visual brand, the choice of color plays a huge role. Color helps convey tone and emotion and–when selected properly–will serve to visually enhance your materials. Among the color options available are our primary green and gold, and secondary colors intended to accompany our primary pallet. 

Primary Colors

  343 98 0 72 61 0 88 61 #00583D
  123 0 24 94 0 255 196 35 #FFC423

Secondary Colors

Color CMYK RGB Web
  55 18 100 35 90 120 42 #5A782A
  55 18 100 2 130 166 62 #82A63E
  38 5 86 0 170 199 83 #AAC753



The Keuka College logo features the emblem, the College’s name, and the brand signature. Inspired by the seal, it was intentionally designed with the College’s gold color on the right side–the eastern side–symbolizing the rising sun, light, truth, wisdom, and knowledge, and the College’s green color on the left. The acorn and the oak in the middle have been part of the College’s history since 1890 and serve as a reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Four logo lockups have been created to allow for the highest level of flexibility when composing layouts, and are available with and without the brand signature in full-color, one-color, and reverse for printing on dark backgrounds.

Visit our Download Center to access each version of the Keuka College logo.

different styles of the Keuka College Logo