Emergency Plan

Emergencies and violent incidents on college campuses are critical issues that must be addressed in an immediate and effective manner. Every campus stands at risk from acts of violence and disasters.

The Keuka College Emergency Action Plan is responsive to the needs of our community and addresses prevention, response, and recovery with respect to a variety of emergencies. Our plan is designed to coordinate campus resources with those of local, county, state, and private emergency agencies and help minimize the effects of serious incidents and disasters that could occur on campus.

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During Emergencies


  • Stay calm. Taking an extra second to make sound decisions can be life saving for you and others.
  • If you believe there is an emergency on campus, DO NOT rush out to see what is happening. You may be exposing yourself to danger. If you are inside, stay inside and await instructions; if you are outside, go inside the nearest building that is not involved in the emergency and await instructions.
  • Remember to call 911 or have someone call for you. If you ask someone to call 911 for you, have him/her return and let you know he/she completed the call, and that help is on its way.
  • Do not get in the way of medical personnel. You can assist by holding doors open and clearing a path to the person who needs help.

Prevention and Intervention Strategies

All staff, faculty and students are encouraged to actively participate in measures that provide safety and security on campus. These include the following:

  • Reporting persons not properly registered as guests or involved in a disturbance on campus
  • Being observant of strangers in buildings and reporting their presence
  • Securing windows and entrance doors and closing fire doors
  • Reporting missing or nonfunctioning safety equipment and lighting around campus
  • Reporting suspicious persons or incidents immediately to Security
  • Participating in Crisis Intervention and Emergency Management training
  • Informing Security or Health Services of possible violent or suicidal individuals
  • Participating in regular fire drills and fire prevention training
  • Reading Safety Bulletins issued by Campus Safety
  • Downloading the CampusShield App to your phone
  • Being aware of your surroundings and using sound personal safety practices

Campus-Wide Notification

For emergency notifications to the College community, weather alerts, travel advisories, or changes in security procedure, Campus Safety may use any or all of the following communications:

  • Campus-wide e-mail warnings
  • Flyers posted at residence halls, dining halls, and academic buildings
  • Notice to Residence Life Staff
  • Keuka College weather line at (315) 279-7669 (SNOW)
  • Written or verbal notification to the Student Senate, residence halls, staff, and faculty
  • Nixle alert system