Fire Safety and Prevention

  • Do not smoke or burn candles or incense in your room.
  • Do not use halogen bulbs or lamps.
  • Do not leave cooking unattended. (Cook only in designated areas.)
  • Do not cover or disable smoke detectors.
  • Do not prop fire doors open at any time.
  • Do not block or hang anything from sprinkler heads and pipes.
  • Do not use holiday string lights.
  • Do not use extension cords without built-in circuit protection.
  • Do not block exits or hallways.
  • Do not use appliances with exposed heating elements in your room.

Safety Tips

  • Use the stairs, never use an elevator. Even if it appears to be working, it could shut down at any time with you inside.
  • Know two ways out of your building.
  • Test doorknobs and spaces around the door with your hand. 
  • If the door is warm, try another escape route. If it is cool, open it slowly. Slam it shut if smoke comes in.
  • If you have a guest staying with you, familiarize him/her with escape routes and assembly points. 
  • Remember, you are responsible for your guest’s safety.
  • If you know someone needs help evacuating and, if you are able, help him/her to a stairwell and notify the fire department that a person needs help immediately.
  • False alarms are dangerous and illegal. Tell an officer or your RA if anyone you know is responsible.

Be Prepared