Transfer Agreements

We strive to ensure transferring into Keuka College is an easy process for students. In addition to accepting transfer credit from other accredited post-secondary institutions, we also consider students holding previously earned degrees (A.A., A.S., B.A., and B.S.) to be general education complete so they can focus their attention on their major course of study.

To determine if an external course equates to a Keuka College course, please use our Transfer Equivalency System to view credit currently accepted by Keuka College. Courses that are not currently equated in our Transfer Equivalency System will be evaluated by the Registrar's Office once official transcripts have been obtained from an applicant.

Currently enrolled Keuka College students who opt to take a course at another institution must fill out a transfer equivalency form and have the request approved by their advisor prior to registering for the course.

Current Transfer Agreements and Partnerships

To encourage and facilitate the transfer of qualified students from regional community colleges, Keuka College maintains several comprehensive, generic transfer articulation agreements for students seeking to enroll at Keuka College. There are also partnerships for graduates of Keuka College to move onto their graduate studies with other institutions. These agreements are often program-specific and are described below. For more information on these standing agreements, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Students Transferring to Keuka College

Students who receive an A.A.S in Occupational Therapy Assistant from Bryant and Stratton have the opportunity to enter into the B.S. in Occupational Science program at Keuka College as a junior in the program. If all GPA and grade requirements are met, students will have the opportunity to graduate with a B.S. in Occupational Science in two years and a M.S. in Occupational Therapy in three years. For more information, please contact the Division of Applied Health and Wellness.

We are committed to making it as easy as possible for Cazenovia students to transfer to Keuka College for Fall 2023. We're honored Cazenovia chose to partner with us to provide students with a seamless teach-out experience. For full information on the partnership between Cazenovia and Keuka College, please view this website.

Partnerships for Keuka College Graduates

Keuka College students in the Health Science program are able to transfer to Clarkson University's Healthcare MBA program. Clarkson will accept coursework from the student's undergraduate degree to fulfill coursework within their MBA program. Keuka College students in the Health Sciences program are guaranteed admission into Clarkson's Healthcare MBA program. Keuka College students should contact Clarkson University's Admissions Office for further information.