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Where can I do a Field Period® experience?

Because Field Period® is self-designed, the sky is the limit with where you choose to go. Accessible through the College's Portal, there are many resources to help students find Field Period® sites including a database of past experiences and through employer postings on our Career Management System, Handshake. Faculty, staff, and alumni also serve as valuable resources for finding sites, and many students rely on additional networks including friends, family, past supervisors, and community members as well.

How do I know if my credits will transfer?

Transfer information can be found on our Keuka College Record.

What Grade Point Average do I need to make the Dean's List?

Undergraduate students must have a term GPA of 3.5 or above. Letters are sent to the address on file. 

How can I get my unofficial transcript if I am a current Keuka College Student?

You can review and print your unofficial transcript by going to: KC Portal > KC Self Service > Academics > Unofficial Transcript

How can I change my address?

There are 3 ways to change your address:

  1. Fill out a change of address form located on the Registrar's website
  2. e-mail with the new address
  3. KC Self-Service (KC Portal > KC Self-Service > User Options > User Profile) where you can change your address online
How do I read a program evaluation?

You can meet with your advisor or success advisor to get help reading your program evaluation. You can also visit the Registrar's Office. The 3 key status are as follows:

  • In-Progress: You are currently enrolled, but you have degree requirements that have not yet been attempted. Review all sections In-Progress below.
  • Pending Anticipated Complete: Upon successful completion of all registered and pre-registered coursework now showing, your degree requirements will be done.
  • Complete: Congratulations! Your degree requirements are finished, and you are done! Degrees are generally conferred at the end of every month.
How can I see my schedule?

You can see/print your schedule by going to: KC Portal > KC Self Service > Student Planning

How can I get credit for courses I took at another college?

You must request an Official transcript from that college to be sent directly to Keuka College Registrar's office.  Once we receive the transcript we will evaluate what will transfer. We accept:

  • Transcripts sent via secure email from another college (or college transcript vendor)
  • Paper transcripts from the other college in a sealed college envelope.  We do not accept paper transcripts that have been previously opened.
I can't register because I have a hold. What should I do?

There are 3 types of holds that prevent you from registering:

  • ADV Advising Hold: See your advisor who will have the hold lifted
  • SA Student Accounts: Visit the Student Accounts office to resolve your bill
  • FA Financial Aid: Visit the Financial Aid office to understand what you need to do to complete your financial aid paperwork
Can I get an unofficial transcript if I’m no longer an active Keuka College student?

No. Unofficial transcripts are generated from the KC Portal for active students only. If you are no longer an active student, all transcripts can be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse at

What is the difference between Add/Drop/Withdraw a course and timelines?
  • Day 1 - Day 6 of a term: you can add or drop a class by yourself through the KC Portal > KC Self Service.
  • Day 7 through roughly Week 8: you can fill out a (add/drop/withdraw) form and withdraw from a course with the grade of W. The form must be signed and handed in to the Registrar's office. W's do not count against your GPA but do show up on your transcript.  
  • After Week 8: you can no longer withdraw from a course.
How can Keuka College’s internship program, known as Field Period®, help me land a job?

You think it’s only NBA players that are lured out of college early to start their careers?
Listen to Julianna Zizzo ’22, a sophomore and future teacher who is already fighting off job offers thanks to the unique opportunities afforded by Keuka College’s Field Period ® program:
“After my first Field Period®,” she says, “I was offered two jobs at the two different sites I went to.”
That’s not uncommon. The immersive, on-the-job opportunities that Field Periods® provide not only give Keuka College students extensive, real-world experience, they give would-be employers a look at potential new hires.
Quite often, they like what they see.

Sini Ngobese ’15 is one of many alumni who had a job waiting for them upon graduation thanks to a successful Field Period®. The Management major spent her sophomore stint with a Boston-based Fortunate 500 company that came calling two years later.
“I’ve got a dream job in a dream industry,” says Sini, who credits Field Period® with helping to make her career-ready. “I have a résumé I can be proud of and every accolade on there, I can point to ten people on campus who helped me.”
Like Sini, Julianna is completing her degree before entertaining any job offers. But she’s already realized another benefit of the Field Period® model: Confidence in her career choice.
“Field Period® opens doors to possible jobs and it helps students get their feet wet in their possible life occupation,” says Julianna. “Some students may realize they want to change their major because a Field Period® experience helped them make that decision. For me, I realized that teaching is what I was meant to do.”
For information about Field Period® or to apply to Keuka College, visit

How can I change my name?
  • Fill out a name change form and submit it to the Registrar's Office with a copy of at least one piece of legal documentation (drivers license, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc)
  • E-mail with a copy of at least one piece of legal documentation (drivers license, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc)
How can I change my major or add a minor?

Fill out an Academic Program Change form located on the Registrar's website and submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office.

What are the Field Period® assignments?

Prior to doing a Field Period® experience, students must submit a course proposal, which consists of a learning contract and a thank you letter, for faculty and site approval. The learning contract which identifies their site, supervisor, and what they expect to do and learn from that experience. During the experience, students will keep a reflective journal and an Early Progress Report will be sent to the student and site supervisor at the half-way point.  At the end of the experience, the student and site supervisor will be sent a Final Evaluation to complete and the student will be required to create a summary paper and put together a presentation that displays his/her learning through unique documentation.