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About Pre-Professional at Keuka College

Are you interested in a career in dentistry, physical therapy, medicine, veterinary medicine, or pharmacy? Keuka College can help you get there. 

As a Keuka College student interested in attending graduate school for one of these disciplines, you'll work with your pre-professional advisor to determine the best major (usually biology with a concentration in biomedical biology or biochemistry) for you. Your advisor will also work with you one-on-one to select the best possible Field Period™ experiences that will help you get into your graduate program of choice.

Pre-Professional Program Highlights

Real-World Experience

Keuka College's Field Period™ gives you the chance to experience the career you're interested in starting your freshman year. You'll gain skills and begin a professional network that will benefit you in graduate school and beyond. 

Focus on Careers

Pre-professional advising focuses on some of the most in-demand health care professions of today and tomorrow, including medicine and pharmacy.

Outstanding Placement

Thanks to small class sizes and Keuka College's commitment to one-on-one faculty-student interaction, our students have an outstanding placement rate in some of the country's top graduate programs.


Explore Pre-Professional

Program Overview

As a pre-professional student at Keuka College, you'll be part of a unique program designed to help ensure you are an attractive candidate for graduate study in your field of choice. Pre-professional is not a separate major, but a custom-tailored advising sequence that compliments your chosen major with intentionally selected Field Period™, research, and extracurricular activities and opportunities. 

Your academic advisor will assist you with:

  • Preparing and studying for standardized tests, such as the MCAT (medical school), PCAT (pharmacy school), etc.
  • Researching and applying to graduate programs
  • Finding opportunities to research—and possibly publish—in topics related to your field of interest

With the exception of those students who have an interest in law, your academic advisor will be a professor from the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The pre-law minor is designed specifically for those students who are interested in a career in law.


In keeping with Keuka College’s emphasis on experiential learning, you’ll also become a scientist outside the classroom. You’ll be encouraged to work professors on independent research projects, and many students have had the opportunity to present the results of their work at professional conferences.


Keuka College is on the shore of Keuka Lake—arguably the prettiest of the Finger Lakes. The College’s Sunset Woods and the nearby Penn Yan Outlet Trail are home to thousands of species of plants and animals, providing an ideal environment for biology students. Ornithology students are able to work in the field, identifying birds native to the area.

You’ll get to study in the Jephson Science Center, where students hang out in the Chiral Center or at the Math Table in between classes and labs. A highlight of the building is that the laboratories weren’t simply designed in collaboration with architects, but by the professors who use and teach in them.

As a student, you will have access to a wide range of instruments, including:

  • Ultraviolet - visible spectrophotometers
  • Sorvall High-capacity Centrifuge
  • Opti-sciences Chlorophyll Fluorometer
  • Kodak Gel Imaging and Documentation Systems
  • Bioradgelelectrophoresis and Western-blotting Apparatus
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph
  • Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer
  • Environmental Chamber and incubators
  • Biosafety Cabinet
  • Nikon Compound and Stereo Microscopes with Digital Camera
  • Nikon Inverted Microscope
  • End-point Thermal Cycler
  • Real-time Thermal Cycler


Chi Beta Phi, the natural science, math, and psychology honor society offers students the opportunity to network with like-minded peers and have their scholarly accomplishments recognized.

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