Prepare for a Career in Law

Through exposure to political science, sociology, and criminal justice, our pre-law minor provides the necessary foundation to pursue law school, and law-related careers.

This hands-on minor prepares you with writing, critical thinking and reasoning skills, through classes that range from American government to predatory crime and violence.

Paired with the recommended major in political science and history, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize your study of the law through Field Period® experiences with law offices, district attorneys, public defenders, and organizations in the criminal justice system.

Minor Overview

If you’re looking to pursue a future in law, Keuka College offers a pre-law minor to help get you there. You’ll gain an understanding of liberal-arts based theories in history, political and behavioral sciences, as well as practical applications in criminal justice, sociology, and psychology.

With classes that cover a range of topics from American government, to white collar and corporate crime, courses in the pre-law program provide a solid foundation to enter law school and pursue law-related careers.

You’ll learn persuasive writing, critical reading, reasoning and analytical skills, and even non-fiction storytelling, and you will amass a toolkit of transferable skills that will set you apart. Whether inside an application pool at a top law school, or making your case at a courthouse, you’ll be prepared for professional success. 

In addition to working with your advisor to personalize your study, you’ll conduct a Field Period® each year and gain 140 hours of hands-on experience. Opportunities include law offices, legal agencies, state or county attorneys, public defenders, and paralegal branches of the criminal justice system. You’ll be well prepared in your pursuit of a career in the legal field.

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