A Keuka College Scholarship Eased the Costs of Tuition, Supplies, and Books for Polly Dean '23

The Childhood Education major highly recommends other students apply for scholarships.

Friday, August 28, 2020
1 min. read

Polly Dean '23 transferred to Keuka College because she liked that the College offers Field Period® opportunities. The hands-on experiences she would gain prior to graduating were a big factor in her decision.

On top of that: Polly received the Transfer Acorn Scholarship, which, she says, “helped with the cost of tuition, supplies, books, and other College costs greatly.” 

The Transfer Acorn Scholarship, which provides as much as $9,150, is one of several annual scholarships that the College makes available to transfer students.

“Keuka College also has cheerleading and is a small campus, and having small class sizes is so important to me,” says Polly, a childhood education major. “I also know many people who attended Keuka College and graduated.” 

And since receiving The Transfer Acorn Scholarship, Polly “would highly recommend that other students also apply for scholarships!”