Transfer Acorn Award + Keuka Grant = Will Gross' Decision to Transfer to Keuka College

The Class of '23 Marketing major believes applying for scholarships is a tremendous help in paying for school, no matter the amount.

Friday, August 28, 2020
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Will Gross '23 chose to transfer to Keuka College because he believed he would be given the best opportunities for receiving the education he wanted

And he has not been disappointed.

Everyone at Keuka College does their absolute best at making sure you are on track with what you want to do in the future.

Will, a marketing major who received the Transfer Acorn Award as well as the Keuka Grant, says the financial aid helped in his decision to transfer.

I knew I was getting the right help that I needed to continue my education the way I wanted to,” says Will.

Keuka College makes available to transfer students a variety of scholarships and grants, some worth as much as $12,150 a year.

“Applying for scholarships is a tremendous help in paying for school," says Will, "no matter the amount.”