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Who must live on campus?

Keuka College is a residential college campus. All students are required to reside in College-owned housing through the end of their senior year. The ONLY automatic exceptions to this are:

  • Commuter students (living with a parent or guardian in their home that is no more than 30 miles from campus)
  • Students that are 23 years of age or older
  • Students who are married or have dependents -- Keuka College does not offer family housing, so students who are married or who have dependent children are not required to reside on campus.  
  • Medical Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis by our Disability Services Office. Your request must be submitted before February 14 of the prior year for maximum consideration before the Housing Selection Process. All others will be placed on a waiting list and reviewed when openings occur. All efforts to accommodate these needs with on-campus options must be exhausted prior to off-campus permission being granted. 
  • Each year, there are a limited number of exceptions that are approved for off-campus living opportunities. These are based on the number of incoming freshmen and transfers. These requests for consideration must be submitted by February 14 every year for maximum consideration.

Contact if you’re interested in completing the appropriate paperwork for off-campus considerations or on-campus accommodations.

Are there any rules about off-campus housing?

Keuka College is a residential campus, and as such all students are required to live on campus through their senior year. Students who are eligible to live off campus may request off-campus housing, but must meet published requirements and deadlines. Late applications are accepted and reviewed when openings arise, but none are guaranteed.

How do I report a concern about a student at Keuka College?

To report concerns about a student on campus, visit and select the appropriate form. We care about our students and use this information to help support them the best we can. We encourage individuals to complete a form for non-academic related concerns. This might include students in crisis (e.g., difficulties at home, financial stress, death of a family member, etc.), students with concerning behaviour (e.g., suicidal ideations, self-harm, depressive or aggressive behavior, etc.), or students who are injured, ill, or physically harmed.

What counseling services are available?

Counseling services are available at the Health & Counseling Center Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m while the College is in session. Counselors are available by appointment for this free service. Appointments for counseling can be scheduled by calling our office at 315-279-5368, emailing, or stopping in.

Students are eligible for up to eight individual counseling sessions each semester. The college also offers group support options. For a free, personal self-assessment, visit In the case of an emergency, see alternate care options at our website or call 911.

The College also offers a meditation room for private reflection (located in the Center for Spiritual Life), as well as a Mind Spa featuring our massage chair (located in the Health & Counseling Center). 

What is living on campus like?

Keuka College believes that the development of its students centers around the opportunity to participate in an on-campus community, first and foremost. Living on campus is a major part of the College experience, especially during your first year. There’s always something to do: go to movies, create a social event, or hang out with friends. Read more about housing & residence life and fun & adventure at Keuka College.

Can first-year students have cars on campus?

Yes, first-year students are permitted to have cars on campus. See our parking regulations site for more information. 

What if I lose my Student ID?

If you lose your student ID card, you will be able to get a replacement at the Office of Student Affairs in the Dahlstrom Student Center during regular business hours. The first one is free, any subsequent cards will cost you $20 for replacement.

If you lose your ID card after hours or on a weekend, please notify your RA and alternative options may be available for getting meals in the Geiser and access to your residence hall. Any other ID card uses will need to be postponed until you are able to get your replacement card.

How is the food in the dining hall?

It’s good! We have a great variety, served by AVI Food Services in our main cafeteria, the Geiser Dining Commons, and the Wolf Den Café. Learn more about our dining services here.

How long will I be able to live on campus?

Keuka College is a residential college! Each year a student lives on campus, they’ll have increased options for the different styles of housing throughout campus. Many seniors choose to live on campus in the Keuka Park Apartments, Strong Hall Apartments, or Harrington Hall (a residence hall of suites).

Many upper class students choose to reside in Ball, Blyley, or Davis halls.

Freshmen are almost exclusively living in Saunders (all female), Space, and Davis halls.

How many people stay for the weekends?

The majority of students stay on campus, although some go home every now and then. Many of the students who leave campus on weekends are participating in athletic events, off-campus employment, or attending school-related activities.

How is the residence hall staffed?

Each floor of our traditional halls is typically staffed with at least one Resident Assistant (RA) who is responsible for individual floors. Resident Assistant positions are filled by upperclassmen who have been chosen because of their leadership ability. They receive special training in areas such as community building, conflict resolution, and crisis intervention.

Head Resident Assistants are paraprofessional staff in place to assist with the administration of the halls and residence hall environments, and also to serve in the daily Resident Director On Duty (RDOD) rotation for emergency/crisis situations as they arise. They are upper-class students who have served as Resident Assistants prior to their appointment as a Head Resident Assistant and undergo advanced training.

Resident Directors are professional staff members and are responsible for the overall administration of these halls and serve as on call administrators for the campus daily and after hours. 

What if I lose my room key?

 At check-in, each student is issued a key to their room, which they are responsible for keeping as long as they are assigned to that room. In the event a student moves out of that room, the key is to be returned to the Resident Assistant on their floor. The cost of a new key in the event it is lost is $75. If there is a problem after hours, please contact Campus Safety at (315) 694-0268. Students who have lost their room key must contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life right away. Note that it may take several days for a key replacement to be made and distributed. Residence Life staff or Campus Safety can provide access upon request.

How do I request a repair in the residence hall?

If a student needs to report a routine (non-emergency) repair, submit a Work Order and enter the appropriate information. For emergency repairs, contact your Resident Assistant, Resident Director or Campus Safety.

Who cleans my room?

Students are expected to clean their rooms. Housekeeping staff will clean the public areas (bathrooms, stairwells, hallway, and lounges). For buildings with carpeted rooms, vacuums are available through the Residence Life staff. With the exception of general wear and tear, students are expected to leave a room in the same condition as when they moved in. A Work Order can be generated for any damage that takes place during the semester.  

Where can I do my laundry?

Each residence hall is equipped with washers and dryers located in the laundry rooms. There is no charge for laundry, it’s FREE!. There are instructions on how to operate the machines in each laundry room.