Business & Management

Be a Doer and a Dreamer

Business makes the world go round, and you’ve always wanted to be a part of it. Your lemonade stand made a profit and your eBay store is thriving. And speaking of numbers -- you heart them. You can’t wait to get out into the real world and get your hands on presentation folders and spreadsheets, create meaningful marketing campaigns, and hear the crowd roar at an Esports tournament.

With Keuka College’s Field Period®, you don’t have to wait until you graduate to get into the thick of things. Your advisors and professors can secure your placements in offices, control rooms, trading floors, and board rooms, where you can learn in real-time. And when you come home to campus, you can chill by the lake and impress your friends with tales of the places you’ve been, and all the places you plan to go to.

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Erica Doherty
Annie Stull
Kaylen Van Wagner
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Where Can I Work?

Entertainment firms
Colleges and universities
Engineering firms
Banks/financial institutions
Nonprofit organizations
Insurance companies
Consulting firms
Health care facilities
Marketing firms
Pharmaceutical companies
Public relations firms

What Can I Do?

Athletic Director
Public Relations Specialist
Political Consultant
Advertising Manager
eCommerce Marketing Specialist
Behavioral Analytics Analyst
Financial Analyst
Risk Manager
Loan Officer
Medical/Health Services Manager
Financial Manager
IRS Agent
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I would have never pursued an Esports career had I not attended Keuka College. The College is ahead of the game in its understanding of where Esports is going.

Max Race ‘21