Science & Math

Newton, Darwin, and You!

You love figuring out how the world works. Cells dividing. Ecosystems thriving. Collecting and analyzing data. Algorithms are your jam.

Like Issac Newton and Charles Darwin, you are committed to translating the language of the universe into usable knowledge that makes life better for every species on the planet. Knowing how living things work, and helping them live better — that’s what gets you up in the morning. You know you want to make it a career, but how? And where?

Consider a small college on the shore of a glacial lake in an area of the country surrounded by forests, glens, waterfalls and geological formations that share a glimpse of the earth as it was millions of years ago — Keuka College.

As a student here, you will be working every day with experts in the field, doing real work on the front line of environmental and societal change during all of your four, yes four, Field Period® experiences. You will be monitoring, measuring, writing and researching, presenting at conferences...being the scientist you always wanted to be.

You want the work you do to matter. At Keuka College, what you do matters to real people every day.

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Where Can I Work?

Federal and state government
Engineering firms
Pharmaceutical companies
Environmental education agencies
Forest services
Colleges and universities
National parks
Nonprofit organizations
Consulting agencies
Oil companies
Government agencies

What Can I Do?

Agricultural Scientist/Technician
Climate Change Scientist
Conservation Scientist/Forester
Environmental Lawyer
Forest Ranger
Industrial Ecologist
Business Intelligence Analyst
Risk Manager
Securities, Commodities, or Financial Services Sales Agent
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My twin brother and I are both so glad that we chose Keuka College. My first Field Period® experience helped set me on the right career path — I want to become an actuary, calculating risk for an insurance company.
Gavin Record '21