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Enable those in the Deaf community to expand and enhance their collective voice by entering their world and engaging in its intricacies. Further the mission of agencies and organizations you may serve with a foundation in the language, culture, history, and literature of Deaf people.

As a Keuka College ASL student, police departments, public schools, mental health organizations, schools for the Deaf, and other organizations become ASL learning laboratories thanks to our Field Period™ and internships. With an ASL degree from Keuka College, you’ll be able to help give any organization an edge when it comes to engaging and resonating with members of the Deaf community.

American Sign Language Program Highlights


Find the right course of study to fit your career goals as you learn and gain experience. Even if those goals evolve or change between your freshman and junior years, we’ve got options for you.


Our program emphasizes direct instruction in the language and immersion into Deaf culture. You’ll gain significant ASL fluency and become ready for a lifetime of Deaf community involvement. You will gain significant ASL fluency in a short period of time and become ready for a lifetime of involvement in the Deaf community.

Real-World Experience

Field Period™, internships, and other experiential learning activities ensure you have the chance to use ASL outside the classroom (adding up to more than 280 hours on Deaf Community Event sites). You’ll graduate from our programs with more than twice the practical experience given in similar programs.

Explore American Sign Language

Program Overview

Home to the largest population of Deaf people (per capita) in the United States, nearby Rochester offers the perfect environment for students majoring in ASL at Keuka College.

ASL courses are aimed at building ASL comprehension and production skills. ASL is a rich and complex language used by members of the Deaf community in the United States and most of Canada. ASL has its own grammatical rules, sentence structure, idioms, historical contexts, and cultural nuances. Keuka College’s ASL courses foster an understanding of ASL/Deaf literature, linguistics, culture and history. These are courses are taken by ASL and ASL-English Interpretingmajors alike.

As a student in the ASL program, you have plenty of opportunities for real-world, hands-on experiences, including Field Period™ and an internship in your senior year. This real-world practice combined with your classes allows you to gain significant ASL fluency in a short period of time, and become ready for a lifetime of involvement in the deaf community.

ASL Minor

The ASL minor pairs particularly well with majors and careers that involve working with the general public, such as social work, criminal justice, education, and occupational therapy.

The Faculty

Two of Keuka College’s ASL faculty are deaf and are among the many seasoned professionals and innovative educators committed to your success. They serve as role models, leaders, practitioners, and advocates dedicated to helping you achieve your educational goals. Small class sizes and one-on-one attention allow you to flourish. In addition, a majority of our ASL faculty members are native ASL users, giving you the opportunity to learn ASL first hand.

Faculty in the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

Digital Literacy

Digital Learning at KeukaCollege, or [email protected] [email protected] is more than just teaching you how to use technology. It’s about teaching students regardless of major how to understand technology, how to create technology, and how to adapt technology to meet their needs.

KeukaCollege uses GoReact and the Google Drive for both ASL and ASL-English interpreting courses to facilitate team projects and document sharing between students and instructors.

Digital video productions in our ASL lab include green-screen Chroma-key technology to produce outstanding video portfolios of students' work for potential employers or graduate programs. Examples of students work are regularly published on YouTube and Facebook.

As an ASL student, you’ll use cutting-edge technology to help develop your expressive skill, fluency, and confidence in ASL. You’ll use the cloud to facilitate team projects and document sharing, and create outstanding video portfolios that showcase your work and language skills to employers and graduate programs.

Global Education

At Keuka College, you have the option of traveling abroad to another country to learn Deaf culture in a foreign setting. And as a part of the ASL curriculum, you’ll be assigned to go out into the world and meet Deaf people in communities across the state and in your hometown. This helps you develop as a global citizen by using ASL in its natural state—just as Deaf people do in the U.S. and other parts of the world.


The offices of the ASL faculty are on the third floor of Hegeman Hall, which houses the College’s primary classroom space. You will learn in classrooms perfectly suited for presentations, meetings, seminars, break-out sessions, lectures, and more. Classroom and lecture hall capabilities include wired and wireless internet connections, teleconferencing capabilities, crystal-clear projectors, DVD/VHS projection, iClickers, and Sympodiums. The ASL lab provides an additional exclusive resource for students majoring in the ASL and AEI programs.


Keuka College has a thriving ASL Club, which brings together students with a common interest in Deaf culture and community. Practice your language skills, travel to Deaf communities, and perform community service with lifelong friends.

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