‘Strong and Empowered’: Keuka College Celebrates Women’s History Month (March 29)

Profiles, historical milestones, and voices from today’s College Community commemorate the month.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Talking History at Keuka College

From Ann Stull ’20:

Women’s history at Keuka College means that I am a strong and empowered woman and being a student here supports and actively encourages these ideas.

From Juanita Hawkins ’67:
For the few of us young women in science, Dr. Lydia Gambrell showed us that women could be scientists and contribute to scientific programs. She also hired faculty like Dr. Jim White, who was dedicated to teaching and encouraging those of us in biology and chemistry to be pioneers and make a difference. 

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Women’s History Spotlight Shines On … The ‘Pillars’ of Keuka College

Very few institutions can succeed without the strong support of foundational individuals – those wise, driven, committed leaders who provide consistency, encouragement, and concrete resources. Keuka College is fortunate to have a strong contingent of such partners – women who share the vision, mission, and goals of the College, and who use their wealth and wherewithal to propel progress.

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Women’s History Moment

We can think of no better quote to close out our salute to Women’s History Month at Keuka College than a salute of another sort – one delivered nearly 75 years ago from the top levels of government.

It came in the form of a 1944 telegraph from U.S. Surgeon General Thomas Parron to College Nursing Division Director Dorothy Felt. While it was directed to the Nursing students, it captures the spirit, dedication, professionalism, and social consciousness that Keuka College students and alumni of all disciplines have demonstrated throughout the decades:

“Please convey this message to members of the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps on their Induction Day May 13. Quote: I am deeply gratified at your inspiring response to your country’s call for service. By performing nursing duties in hospitals where you are studying, you are helping to relieve critical nursing shortages at home. You are preparing yourselves for vital service as graduate nurses and good citizens in the post-war world to come. The nation salutes you for your two-fold contribution to its health and welfare. You have enlisted in a proud and challenging profession. May you always serve it with wise hands, clear heads and steadfast hearts.”