FAQs for Transfer Students

How is my adviser assigned and when will they contact me?

Your faculty adviser will be one of your major's professors. Working with the division chairs, the registrar's office will assign advisers to transfer students once all transcripts have been received and evaluated, and you have made your $200 enrollment deposit.

While some advisers may connect with students, it's usually your responsibility to start the conversation. Once your adviser is assigned, you'll receive an e-mail or letter from the registrar's office with his or her contact information. You can also find your adviser's name in the KC Portal.

How are my courses selected?

Your first semester courses will be chosen for you by your adviser. Once your adviser has registered you for classes, you'll receive a schedule from the registrar's office. If there's a specific class you'd like to take—or there are certain days and times you're unavailable for class—you should contact your adviser as soon as possible so he or she can try to accommodate your needs.

Is there an orientation program for transfer students?

There's an orientation day for transfer students during the first week of August. This includes any placement tests you may need to take, important workshops, and information about the work-study program. Even if you don't need to take any placement exams, we strongly encourage you to come to orientation.

Additionally, all transfer students are encouraged to participate in Transition Week at the end of August. Transfer students are placed into small groups with other incoming transfer students and are assigned an upperclassmen mentor who will serve as a resource for the first six weeks of school. Transition Week is designed to help you acclimiate yourself to the College and become familiar with the many resources and services available to you.

When will my housing be assigned to me?

At the beginning of June, you should receive information in the mail regarding Transfer Student Orientation as well as a variety of forms—including the housing questionnaire and contract—you'll need to fill out and return to the College as soon as possible. Housing assignments are usually mailed out after August 1.

What are the criteria that require me to take a placement exam? How will I be notified if I need to take an exam?

The registrar determines whether transfer students need to take a placement exam, and the decision is based on your previous coursework and how it aligns with the College's requirements. If you need to take an exam, you'll be notified via letter or e-mail.

What is the due date for payment of tuition and fees?

The due date for tuition and fees for the fall semester is typically in the first week of August; bills are mailed out mid-June. When you receive your first billing statement, we'll also include information explaining how you can setup a payment plan.

We suggest you complete your alternative loans and payment plans for the full year—once you've received your financial aid award letter, call the Office of Student Accounts (315-279-5237) and we can calculate a full-year balance for you. This way you won't be under any added pressure when planning for the spring semester.

When can I begin searching for a work-study job?

You can begin searching for a work-study position during Transfer Student Orientation.

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