Don't Know What You Want to Major In? Perfect!

When someone asks: “What Are You Majoring In?” does It make you anxious because you don’t know? Guess What? You don’t have to know.

In fact, at Keuka College, it’s almost better to go into it with a “ready for anything” attitude.

What you may not know is that at Keuka College we not only have expert faculty and rigorous courses in all disciplines, we have a secret weapon: The Field Period®. You see, at many colleges getting one internship is the goal. One set of people to network with. One job that you may or may not love. But we don’t think that’s enough.  

When you come to Keuka College, multiply that experience level by four.
Imagine an internship experience at the zoo one year, with your favorite professional sports team the next year, and working with elephants in Thailand the following year. Picture doing an internship that you had no idea was even a thing and thinking, “where has this career been all my life?”  That happens at Keuka College. A lot. Especially with students who are mapping out their professional paths as they go.

We are obsessed with helping you navigate the opportunities that are right for you.

Our smallness, attention to detail, ability to navigate you through all the challenging parts of the process, including being on the most beautiful campus on one of the loveliest lakes in the world? It’s a can’t miss opportunity. 

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