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How do I make the Dean's List?

Dean's List is awarded to full-time undergraduate students who have earned a 3.5 GPA or above in a term. The Dean's List is not granted to graduate students as there are discipline-specific criteria that must be met to achieve exemplary success in each program.

How can I look at my grades?
  • Grades are not sent home. Your official grades can be viewed on the KC Portal | KC Self Service | Grades
  • Grades are due to be posted 6 days after the exam date or the last class meeting if no exam is held
Can my parents have access to my grades or other student record information?

In order for your parents or anyone else to have access to your information you must fill out a FERPA waiver.

Can I receive my grades by telephone?

No. Because we are unable to verify the identity of any caller beyond a reasonable doubt, grades are not released by telephone to protect the student's right to privacy.