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How do I know if my credits will transfer?

Transfer information can be found on our Transfer Credit Inquiry site.

How can I get credit for courses I took at another college?

You must request an Official transcript from that college to be sent directly to Keuka College Registrar's office.  Once we receive the transcript we will evaluate what will transfer. We accept:

  • Transcripts sent via secure email from another college (or college transcript vendor)
  • Paper transcripts from the other college in a sealed college envelope.  We do not accept paper transcripts that have been previously opened.
I took college classes (or AP, IB) in High School, how do I get them to transfer?

You must request an official transcript from the college, College Board (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) that you received the credit from. Note: we will not transfer credit from your high school transcript.