'Amazing Women Across Campus': Keuka College Celebrates Women's History Month (March 5)

Profiles, historical milestones, and voices from today's College Community commemorate the month.

Thursday, February 28, 2019
2 min. read

Throughout Women’s History Month, Keuka College is celebrating the women – past and present – whose dedication, accomplishments, and influence have contributed to the College’s legacy. Each day, we’ll share profiles of influential women, historical nuggets, and comments from students and others in the Keuka College community about the importance of Women’s History Month.

Women's History Spotlight Shines On ... Dr. Jennie Joiner

Associate Professor of English. Chair of the Division of Humanities & Fine Arts. Nationally recognized William Faulkner scholar. Keuka College’s 2017-18 Professor of the Year. Dr. Jennie Joiner’s resume is replete with impressive entries. Yet, like many women who now serve as role models and mentors, she benefited from the guidance and examples provided by influential women in her own life – and still does. She offered three examples:

As a Keuka College professor

I am honored to work daily with amazing women across campus – faculty, staff, and a president – who are strong, smart, and talented. They influence me every day and, more importantly, they influence our students, male and female, by showing them what they can be. They demonstrate kindness, leadership, strength, courage, and resilience every day working with students. Thus, our greatest influence is doing what we do to the best of our ability.

As a college student

My greatest mentor was Dr. Janet Gabler Hover, a professor at Georgia State University who showed me what it means to be a great professor. She took an interest in me, provided opportunities for me, challenged me, encouraged me, and helped me find my career path to where I am today. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t have this amazing career that I love. My greatest joy is helping students find their path to a life they love, just as Dr. Gabler Hover did for me.

As a young woman

The strongest woman I know who has influenced me is my mom. She is an amazing woman. Growing up, I watched her run a ranch and take care of a family. It was hard work. From her I got my work ethic and tenacity. And she also taught me how to respect others. Mom has never met a stranger, asks people thoughtful questions, and is genuinely interested in people’s lives. She taught me to listen to and hear other people’s stories. I am who I am because of her.  

Women's History Moment

On June 16, 1947, during the College’s 39th commencement, it was announced that Dr. Katherine Gillette Blyley would become Keuka College’s ninth president – and its first female president. A former English Department head, dean, and acting president at the College, and co-founder of Field Period®, she would serve through 1958. Today, a residence hall on campus bears her name.

Talking Women's History at Keuka College

From Tessa Knudsen ’19:

To me, Women’s History at Keuka means tradition. Women’s history is the core of our foundation at creating an institution for equal education. A Keuka College woman who has inspired me is Dr. Alice Harnischfeger, she has encouraged and supported me throughout my time here. Through my experiences with her, I have learned how to place the needs of my future students first and find methods in order to create an environment in which any student has the means to be successful. Her mentoring has shaped me as a future educator. 

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